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Let's Talk Space Boy


Hello Flowpo lovers,

Yes, I know it has been a long since I wrote a Let's Talk blog post. I've been working on a new work; as you all know by now, I'm not just a fine art photographer; I also do portrait photography (which I will give you a tiny sneak peek). But don't worry; this post is not about my portrait photography, but I thought it was relevant to tell you this because the new puzzle image combines my portrait and graphic design skills. The Space Boy image is the first of many more with this combination of styles, making it unique to the Flowpo.

Knowing that Space Boy combines styles, let me deconstruct it for you. First, let's start with the base layer of the image, which is a graphic illustration I scanned from a book. I like collecting illustrated books to use later to create new artwork. This image, in particular, comes from a book called Plaeteruim. Then, on top of this base layer comes a second illustration, also scanned, from a book called Botanicum. This image I scan is of a magnolia flower. The final image I added was the portrait I took of a close friend. I added filters after choosing the images I wanted to use and putting them together in Photoshop (a program I use to manipulate images). I played with the colors of the images to give the colors I wanted and the textures of the Mosaico that the photograph has. Telling you all this, you will understand why I call this artwork Space Boy. It all comes down when you see astrophotography. You can see all the noise when you take images because you are shooting at high ISO (Before editing the image). I wanted to give a sense that you took a picture of someone from out of space with your camera. Among other things, when I create music, it plays a massive role in my creative process. While producing this artwork, I listened to David Bowie and another band called Ego of No Man.

In addition, what is new to this wood puzzle is the shape and pattern of the puzzle pieces. It comes with 54 pieces of honeycomb shapes. I wanted the puzzle shape to resemble the shape of the Mosaico partner I gave the image. The pieces of this puzzle are oversized, making the puzzle more friendly to anyone who wants to try a Flowpo puzzle. But don't worry, Flowpo hasn't lost its twist of making the puzzle more complex than it seems. If you want to try it, just pre-order it and tell us your experience.

I'll tell you mine; it's been fun and challenging every time I want to build it. Space Boy puzzle will surprise you every time you want to rebuild it.


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