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Let's Talk Fish Angels

Updated: Nov 13, 2023


Hello, flamboyance (The collective noun to describe a gathering of flamingos),

It's been a couple of weeks since our last Let's Talk blog. Today on Let's Talk will be about our School of Angel puzzle wood puzzle. Sip, this is one of our most popular art puzzles. So we decided to tell you more about it.

First, this puzzle is made of a recycled material called MDF with a thickness of 2mm and manufactured in Bogotá, Colombia. The size of this puzzle is 15.75x 21.65 inches and contains 610 pieces. But now let's talk about the juice part of this puzzle, like the story of the design and the experience we had while building these fantastic art pieces.

So the story behind this image comes from how the artist Manuela wants to address the global warming issue and how it affects the ocean. The image is a digital collage that Manuela created by mixing images she had collected from her book collection, photographs she has taken, and some photoshop brushes. First, the image shows a coral reef with some angel fishes swinging around, and then you see some space between the corals showing how the reef has been dying out because of the rise of temperature in the ocean. Then you see the same image inside a smaller square; this means it is a photograph of the reef. She is representing if we don't take care of our oceans or don't start doing something about global warming, the only thing left of the oceans are images of what they used to be.

Now knowing the back story of the image, let's talk about the experience of building this fantastic artwork. The first step I took was to separate the corners (what seemed corners) from the rest. Yes, I always start building the borders of the puzzle, and then I move to separate by colors/ design of the image.

This puzzle had easy and challenging parts, but what Flowpo Puzzle doesn't. The easy part was to get the parts of the coral built, and with the help of the black line, you could put pieces in the right place. However, some parts, like the fish and part of the dry coral reef, were challenging; you had to look carefully at the patterns and the slight change of colors. In addition, the funky shapes of the puzzle help to know where the piece goes.

Finally, one of the most remarkable features of this puzzle is its black background, giving the lines of the puzzle a dark feeling and the whole meaning of why the artist decided to paint it black. We asked Manuela, and she said the idea is because she wants to give a whole experience as if you were painting this puzzle. When you build any wood puzzle from Flowpo Puzzle, your hands will get a bit dirty(the black paint of the background) as if you were painting using carbon pencils or pastels.


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