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Review Time!!

By mintyfizz_puzzles

Let’s start with the colors. One word. Electric. I wanted this particular puzzle because of how vivid the blues, purple, and yellows are.

The puzzle comes with a cloth bag with the image printed on it but no box. I used my sorting trays and another box to hold my pieces on. That didn’t bother me but it is something to consider. The bag does make it fell more exciting and cute and not your typical puzzle.

Each puzzle they sell, you can select the piece count from 100 up to 1000. I noticed that some of the smaller ones, the piece shapes are more differentiated. This puzzle however was all your standard piece shapes.

The puzzle is high gloss which worked for this puzzle because it made the rich colors pop. The cardboard is very thick and sturdy. It feels high quality. No pieces were stuck together or damaged.

My experience with this particular puzzle was interesting but in a good way. I had to go into it knowing it was going to be a challenge with all the colors being so similar. That is why I got it. But they do have different images too you should check out! I spent several hours on it and really had to think. I didn’t have piece shape to really use, rather I had to think about lines and color. I started with the middle of the flowers and built them out. It was like watching them bloom.

I don’t glue or frame puzzles. But if I did, this would be the puzzle to do it with. It would make a lovely art piece. The hard work was worth it for the final product! Frankly I’m having a hard time taking it apart.

Thanks to Kelly for reviewing this puzzle!!

Follower her @mintyfizz_puzzles

And me @flowerpowerpuzzle23_ or at

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