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What Makes Flowpo so....

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Unique, Rare, Fantastic.


Artist: Manuela Montenegro
Manuela Montenegro
  • We have eccentric artwork from Colombian Artist Manuela Montenegro. She is also the creator of Flowpo. (Flower Power Puzzle) The images she creates are photographs or photo collages from photographs she has taken on her travels, day-to-day life, and scans from books she has collected throughout time. The inspiration for designing the images comes from dreams, art movements, literature, history, science, nature, and current events. Each image has a story behind it.

Puzzle Sizes
Puzzles Sizes

  • We offer different levels and materials. Yes! We have three different levels you can choose from Easy, Medium, and Hard for our ESKA Puzzles. Let me tell you about this cool feature. The Easy Level has 285 pieces and is 12 x 16.5 in (Vertical) and 16.5 x 12 inches. (Horizontal). The Medium Level has 500 pieces and is 18 x 24 in (Vertical) and 24 x 18 inches. (Horizontal)The Hard Level has 1000 pieces and is 19.25 x 28 inches (Vertical) and 28 x 19.25 inches. (Horizontal) What is ESKA? You might be asking yourself. Well, ESKA is the material we use for our cardboard puzzles. The top brand puzzle board; is well known worldwide for its excellence and consistency in premium quality.

  • Then we have our Wood Puzzles that only come in one level, Medium or for kids. We use MDF material with a thickness of 2.5mm to create puzzles. The number of pieces is 610 for the Medium and 48 for the kid's puzzles. the size is 15.75x21.65 inches(Vertical) and 21.65 x 15.75 inches. (Horizontal). We also have a cool circle shape puzzle that is 109 pieces and is 30x30 inches.

  • We are Eco-Conscious. We try to use as many eco-friendly and recycled materials in our puzzles. As we mentioned before, we use ESKA and MDF. ESKA is made from 100% recovered paper to form chipboard and is blue. The use of recovered paper, coupled with low water consumption per ton of board produced, minimizes the burden on the environment, so you can rest assured your jigsaw puzzle is very green and environmentally friendly. At the same time, MDF comes from resin and recycled wood fibers.

  • Adding to our Eco-Conscious, we have our unique and fantastic packaging. Yeap, we are talking about our organic cotton base bags where our puzzle goes. We don't have a box. We think this is an extra that our puzzles don't need. Also, when we mail the puzzle to you, we send them inside a composable mailbag.

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