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More Than A Puzzle: A Piece Of Art

Flower Power Puzzle


Puzzles are often thought of as a pastime or a way to pass the time, but for one photography artist, Manuela Montenegro, they are a medium for expressing her art. Using photographs of places from around the world, this artist creates intricate puzzles that challenge both the mind and the eye.

The process of making a puzzle is much like the process of creating a photograph. Both require attention to detail and a keen sense of composition. The artist carefully selects the perfect shot, capturing the essence of a place and the emotions it evokes. She then turns that photograph into a puzzle, breaking it down into small pieces that must be reassembled in order to see the full picture.

Puzzles add an additional layer of meaning to the photographs. They force the viewer to actively engage with the image and work to uncover its hidden details. They also encourage the viewer to take their time and appreciate the photograph in a more deliberate and thoughtful way. The final result of a completed puzzle is not only a beautiful image but also a sense of accomplishment for the person who put it together.

This photography artist's art creates a unique experience that allows the audience to participate in the creative process. Each puzzle is different and requires different level of focus and effort to finish, but once finished, the satisfaction of a job well done is immense.

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the constant stream of images we see every day. This artist's puzzles provide a much-needed break from the noise and give us a chance to slow down and truly see the world around us. By making her photographs into puzzles, she invites us to participate in the creation of her art and to see the world in a new and different way.

Overall, the artist's use of puzzle as medium gives her photographs a new dimension and make the audience engage with the art in a different way. The final completed puzzle not only showcases the beauty of photography but also symbolizes the work and thought that was put into it, making it a truly unique experience.


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