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Review Time!!

Another amazing review of our puzzles is here.

This time come from Amanda Faye, where you can follower her at IG @600hoursofpuzzle.

We sent Amanda to review Journey to the sky people puzzle and here is her review:

Journey to the sky people: one word- stunning. The beauty of this completed puzzle far exceeds any expectation I had- it is powerful, impressive and awe-inspiring. I so clearly loved the image! But that’s not the only thing that made this puzzle unforgettable: the perfect puzzle pieces, the striking colors, and crisp detail round out this amazing puzzle experience!


The pieces are high glossed and gorgeous! The super glossy finish lends the pieces this extra sturdiness that just makes them feel spectacular. I could have stirred the pieces around endlessly, just listening to the pleasant sound they made and feeling how perfect they felt. The pieces had all of your standard grid cut shapes, with just enough wiggles & squiggles to their little arms and legs, that made finding their home *easy*. I never placed a piece in a wrong spot! The colors are shocking in how dynamic, deep and beautiful they are! Each and every single piece straight out of the bag was perfect- no bent edges, none stuck together, and no puzzle dust. This puzzle has elevated my expectations and set my new standard.


This puzzle has no box! It comes in an eco friendly bag with no plastic- nothing at all to create more trash! How awesome! But that also means that there was no poster included, and the only image was printed on the front of the bag. I thought that this might add to the difficulty- but the crisp image detail on each piece was so exceptional- I never had a problem!


Flower power puzzles is a brand I had never heard of before starting my Instagram account. Shame on me- because I’m blown away! This brand, run by an artist who creates each of her beautiful puzzles by combining art and photography, fills a niche in our puzzle world that I didn’t know I needed, but now must have more of! Each puzzle is offered in a variety of pieces counts. This gives you the opportunity to do a really challenging and gorgeous puzzle while choosing your difficulty level. Admittedly, the price point can get high. But if you consider you’re getting an original piece of art from an amazing artist that can be displayed, or done again and again- I think its worth every penny.

I plan to frame mine at some point- but because I enjoyed it so much- I think I’ll assemble it a few more times before I do that! This puzzle was so enjoyable for me, an absolute luxury from start to finish, that I will be treating myself to more in the future- I definitely want to recreate this puzzle experience!!


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