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Let's Talk Wild Man

Hi again; today, in this episode of Let's Talk, I will talk about one of the first puzzle designs I made. Yes, I'm talking about The Wild Man. For this episode, I build 500 pieces or a middle-level puzzle of this design. At the same time, I did a new challenge, and I puzzled the image side way. It was fun and challenging, but soo fun to see how my mind was working it all out. Then I also like to puzzle on the floor. So I used a puzzle board I made from some easel stand I had bought and glued some felt fabric to it so the pieces don't move around. But going back to the puzzle, this puzzle was enjoyable to build. The design has so much detail that you will never feel stuck. Also, the pieces cut vary, so you will not put them wrong.

I always start with the borders; yes, I'm a border person. Then I separate the puzzle by color, and well, this puzzle has mainly three colors greens, purples, and light peach color. So after the borders, I went to the birds, which were all purples and peach in color. As I was puzzling, I slowly started to see the face of the design. It was so amazing to see how the eyes were coming up cause it was just staring at you. As you puzzle, you realize all the layers this artwork has, as it was like the man was hiding and watching the birds as if he were on a hunt. But as we all know, Flowpow Puzzles are challenging, and this one is not the exception. But still, the perfect hardness to enjoy it. I got the middle level, so suitable for me and the puzzle pieces are sturdy; I love the quality of this puzzle. Yes, this puzzle is a glossy finish, but it is perfect cause the end product of the Flowpow Puzzle is a photograph, and that shiny is ideal for it.

Now let me tell you about the story behind this artwork or design. As I mentioned earlier, this artwork has a different layer in creating a college image. This image is a mix of scan images from books I've collected through time. As I was making these images, I was thinking about how humans are the king of the food chain, and we eat everything and how we are destroying everything. We say we are so advanced, but we still are wild. So this image also shows the evolutionf of time starting with plants, then animals and the last one is human beings. And I believe the next step is just light, a type of energy that is tangible—a higher being. So if you want, have it in Easy level with 285 pieces, Medium Level with 500 pieces, and Hard Level with 1000 pieces.


If you want to try it out

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