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Let's Talk Under Water Garden #3

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Hello Hello everyone. I know it has been a long time we do a Let's Talk. So today in Let's Talk will be talking about the last of the collections of Under Water Garden. If you have been following us, you will have seen our other post about the first two of this collection.

If you like a challenge, you are in for a treat with this puzzle. Out of the three, this puzzle is the hardest I've made. I start with the edges of the puzzle, and from there, I start separating the pieces into colors. This puzzle's two primary colors are purples and blues, creating a daring puzzle. But if you are like me, challenging puzzles are more fun and interesting to make. Although it is hard to start this puzzle the moment you get the flow, wow is super fast to build it. The pieces are well-cut that everything fits perfectly together, and a different variety of shapes make it

easy to know where things go. This puzzle will appreciate more if you slow puzzle it. The colors and the outcome of the image pop up slowly as if you were gardening these plants and flowers. You will be building the puzzle without knowing how the picture comes to cause the pieces' design to be blurry and meant to be seen as a whole, more than piece by piece.

I love this collection because all the puzzles have the feeling of having a garden in front of you. And well, the colors are so different from anything. But if you decide to try this puzzle, be ready for a challenge. As with all of our puzzles, we offer it in three different levels: 285 pcs, 500 pcs, and 1000. The one we build and are talking about is 1000 pieces. In addition, we offer it on wood for 610 pieces. For this puzzle, I will put a middle/high level. If you try it or any of the other puzzles of this collection, let us know how it went.


If you want to try it out

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