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Let's Talk.. To the other Sister.

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

The Rising Sun and Ocean

Hello everyone! I know it's been a long time I haven't blog a Let's Talk. So today in Let's Talk, I will talk about our puzzle called: The Rising Sun and Ocean. This puzzle is the sister of one of our past Let's Talk; yes, the one of Lady-Giraffe. Like her sister, The Rising Sun and Ocean image is an inspiration from Patrick Nagel. The artist uses Patrick's image as an outline and then uses the collage technique by combining her images to create a whole new image design for this puzzle.

I am going back to the puzzle situation. This puzzle we are talking about is of 500 pieces made from Flower Power Puzzle eco-friendly material called ESKA. The way I started to build this puzzle was by creating the girl. Well, I off course, separated everything by colors and divided the borders. Cause the second thing I did was to connect the edges. I left the black part for last, thinking it would be the challenging part of the puzzle, but in the end, it was not so hard. Yea, it took time and patience, but that was the whole thing of the puzzle, no?

Although there is a lot of blacks, the colors this puzzle has are soo great! The body of the girl is fantastic sunset. At the same time, the bottom part is a dark/reddish/ purple sea. So if you are a middle-level puzzler, this is an excellent puzzle for you. But don't worry, if you are a beginner you can also go for it don't get stress with the black part. And a good thing this puzzle comes in different sizes like 285, 500, 1000, and soon in wood with 610 pieces. So you can choose your level.


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