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Let's Talk Seeker..


Hello Flowpo puzzlers follwers! Today the Let's Talk blog post will discuss the puzzle called The Seeker. This puzzle is part of a collection of Silverback Gorillas. If you have read the past, Let's Talk posts, you have already had an encounter with another one of this collection. If you haven't, don't worry, I'll leave a link for it.

First, giving you a small recap of where the images come from, shot during a trip to Rwanda, where the artist took a silverback gorillas safari around the Virunga Mountains. Next, the artist tells us about her journey. Finally, she tells us how amazing and life-changing it was to be so close to these fantastic animals and how scared she was while taking these images because she had never been so close to these vast animals. "Although these beautiful animals were such posers, you could still feel shaky," said Manuela Montenegro.

Now I want to talk more about the puzzle's design and the name the artist chose. The mix of natural and unreal colors creates this dreamy feel world. Also, it makes pop up the sublime silverback gorilla. As we know, the artist gets inspired by her dreams and always likes to play with color to create how she sees the world. The name she picked for this puzzle is interesting: The Seeker. We ask her why she chooses to put this name on this puzzle. She answered, "when I was taking pictures of this gorilla. She felt he was calming looking at her, trying to understand what she was doing, like interested in learning. As if he was seeking something to learn from what I was doing." said Manuela Montenegro.

Now let's talk about this fantastic, fun, challenging puzzle of 500 pieces that took me about five days to build. But I was puzzling in my free time, and I'm a slow puzzler. I love the colors that compose this image, those green/blueish and purple colors for the surrounding of the gorilla OMG so fun and bright. The glossy of the pieces Flowpow puzzle is fantastic. Also, that part was easy to make. I always start from the outside to the inside. So yes, I'm a border person. What type of puzzler are you? Leave me a comment telling me your style of puzzling. Now let's talk about the abundance of grays and blacks that create the majestic silverback gorilla. OMG, that part was challenging, but what's a Flowpo puzzle without a challenge?

I've tried the pick up the challenge, and guess what? It worked! The pieces are sturdy, and there is enough variety on the pieces to know where each piece goes. A fun fact, while I was building the puzzle, I was puzzling on top of another puzzle, and it was so fun to see how the bottom puzzle was disappearing by the one I was doing. This puzzle level was medium, for sure. But, if you want to go easy, you can with a puzzle of 285 pieces, or if you want a more complex challenge, you can try the 1000 pieces.


Here at Flowpow, we want to help endangered species by showing how amazing and beautiful they are by creating content to create more awareness. If you want to support Silverback Gorillas, Click Her.

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