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Let's Talk "Ooh ooh ah ah."

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Let's Talk "Ooh ooh ah ah." This time in Let's Talk, I will be talking about one of the four silverback gorillas puzzles: The Thinker. The image was taken during a trip to Rwanda, where the artist took a silverback gorillas safari. The artist tells us about her journey. She tells us how amazing and life-changing it was to be so close to these fantastic animals and how scared she was while taking these images because she had never been so close to these vast animals. "Although these beautiful animals were such posers, you could still feel a bit shaky," said Manuela Montenegro.

Because everything was such a dream for her, she edits the image a bit surrealistic. With purples, greens, blues, grays, and blacks pallets, this puzzle comes to life and helps us separate the pieces into different trays.

This puzzle is an easy to middle challenge because of the different colors. We build a 285 pieces puzzle for this let's talk, and because we took less than a day doing this puzzle, we put it on the easy part. We are not fast puzzlers . As with all of our puzzles, the pieces are shiny/ glossy and very smooth, making them very simple to join together. A small plus of these 285 puzzles is that you can pick them up, which we have tried already with other designs. Let's us know if you try it out and it works for you.


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