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Let's Talk Mars Windmill


Today in Let's Talk will be discussing a 1000 pieces puzzle called Mars Windmill. At first, this puzzle looks challenging, but we are talking about a Flowpo (Flower Power Puzzle); they are always challenging but the perfect amount. So you never feel stuck or want to say next. You will be able to find the puzzle pieces you are looking for by the different colors and details the image has or just by the shape of the puzzle piece.

Yea, this puzzle looks a bit intimidated because of the mountains, but the cool thing is the different colors of each peak help' build the puzzle by zones, and the windmill is big enough to fill most of the image. As always, I start by separating the borders from the rest of the pieces and start from there. At the same time, I begin to divide by the design of the fragments like all that looked like part of the windmill I put them together, and then my third separation is by the different colors of the mountains.

I'm a slow puzzler, so it took me a couple of weeks to build it but also cause I was not on it all the time. But I think if you were on it, this puzzle would take like 4 to 5 days. But it was soo fun to make it slow cause I could see how the mountains came alive. The easiest part was to build the windmill and then the sky. I love that Moon or Sun in the atmosphere is subtle but gives a balance to the image. Finally, we talk about the pictures; we speak to the artist to provide a little back story of the design and the puzzle's name.

She said that it's a Collage image from images she took when she was in this town called Solvang. The city is located like 3hour away from LA, and it's known for its Danish-style architecture and many wineries. The windmill comes from, while the mountains are illustrations from a space book that the artists have collected. She likes to mix real photographs with pictures from the books she has collected throughout the years. These images come from the idea that humans are already planning to go to Mars someday to live. And this image is what she thinks it would look like when we conquer Mars.

Going back to the puzzle, if you want to try it but don't want to jump into the 1000 pieces, this company has different levels for all of their images, which I love. So if you want, have it in Easy level with 285 pieces, Medium Level with 500 pieces, and Hard Level with 1000 pieces. They don't do more prominent than 1000 pieces, but they have a triptych of 3000 if you ever like to try it out. In the end, I like this puzzle a lot. My only tip for building it is to do it by a zone of colors for the mountains cause the rest is pretty straightforward. And look for the clear lines of the hills; they help choose the right pieces.


If you want to try it out!

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