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Let's Talk Koi.

Updated: Oct 16, 2022


Let's talk today about this fantastic Koi fish puzzle. Today here at Flower Power Puzzles, we tried one of our most challenging puzzles. Yeap the Light Koi of 1000 pieces. We put this puzzle in our middle- hard level change because it has a lot of one color (black). But don't worry, the koi fish take a lot of the image space, making the puzzle less complicated. As always, we started with the puzzle's borders, and then we went into the fish. Then we started with the black part, which took some time to build, but everything went smoothly thanks to the different pieces. The different colors and design of the fish make it easy to build and separate the parts into other puzzle areas. As you know, we offer different levels of each of our puzzles; we have 285 pieces, 500 pieces, and 1000 pieces. The secret of this puzzle is to pay attention to the shapes of the pieces.

The image was taken during a light festival that the Los Angeles County Arboretum does every winter. The whole place is decorated with colossal lantern lights like this Koi fish, which you will see the size when you see the person in front of the Koi taking the image of Koi.

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