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Let's Talk Inferno

Updated: Dec 15, 2022


Yes! We will talk about our amazing Dia de Los Muerto and Halloween puzzle. This puzzle contains so many details that you can't take your eyes off it. The moment you take the pieces out of the bag, OMG, you can see this will be a challenge, but the colors give you an exciting feeling to start.

Flowpo puzzles are so unique with their images that it will be hard to find a design like them. This image has layers over layers of small images that create a unique design in the end. This puzzle has skeletons, butterflies, coral-like plants, and some donut-like shapes. And the colors are soo good balance you know where everything goes. The colors go from the Blue-Green side of the color wheel to Red-Orange. In words, this puzzle is gorgeous.

Then let's talk about the name and what inspired this design. But, first, we talked to the artist, and she told us that she had learned about one of the essential Italian literature writers when she was a teenager: Dante. I have always been fascinated by his book La Divina Comedia; I wanted to create an image representing the Inferno (hell) he talks about in the book. In addition, I have always been fascinated by mythology, where they always mention some entrance to the underworld.

I am now going back to the puzzle. If you are ready for a challenge, then dig in! This puzzle is a challenge for sure! But it is so worth you will be amazed when you see the puzzle complete. Our journey to start this puzzle was to start with the borders, then move to the skeletons and the butterfly. And we left the bottom part for the last, which was the more complex part. We did the 1000 pieces puzzle, so if you like challenges, this is the great one. I think the level of this puzzle is medium-level puzzler. But you can always try the lower level and tell us what you think bout this puzzle. Flowpo offers an Easy level of 285 pieces, a Medium level with 500 pieces, and a Hard level of 1000 pieces.



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