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Let's talk I'm Staring At You

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Let's talk, will be a post that we will make every time we finish building any of our puzzles and give you our output of the puzzle. Today will be talking about this fun colorful puzzle: I'm Staring At You.

Let's Talk

Wow, look at all that green, and those zebras look back at me. Do you think they know I'm here?

Yea, it's the I'm Staring at You puzzle. This 500 pieces puzzle is for an easy/middle challenge. All that green makes it a bit of a medium challenge cause there is a big chunk of it, but don't worry; it has different kinds of greens once you look at it closely. Once you get to separate the various grass colors, then everything goes very smoothly and quickly. At the same time, there is a lot of patterns to do separately to then connect, like the zebras. Also, you have trees that help with the purple/pinkish sky. Making this an easy challenge puzzle. But if you want this puzzle to be more of a challenge, you can try our 1000 pieces, or if you still have mixed feelings about all that green, you can give it a try with our small size of 285 pieces.


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