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Let's Talk... The Simba.

Let's talk, will be a post that we will make every time we finish building any of our puzzles and give you our output of the puzzle. Today with the newest puzzle of our collection: The Simba.

This puzzle name comes from the Swahili language meaning The Lion, as the image was shot during the photographer's trip to Kenya, Africa; what better name to give. The puzzle we build was of 285 pieces, the smallest size we offer, making this puzzle an ease challenge level. Not just cause the size is an easy challenge, but because there are different patterns and sections to start. Like the eyes and the nose and then the branch that passes just in front of the lion's face, letting you know where everything goes.

If you want a more demanding challenge, you can order it in 500 or 1000 pieces making it more challenging. The image is so calming and peaceful to look at that; you will never get tired to look at it. As you know, all of our company is key on high-quality materials, and most importantly eco-friendly. It also comes in an adorable cotton bag that can become anything you want after building and framing the puzzle.

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